CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. NOT for children.


Q: How many beads fit on a bracelet?

A: We offer bracelets at different lengths. Our average bracelet is approximately 7.5 inches (19 cm) in length and can hold between 15-20 beads and charms depending on which ones you choose. Some are larger and some are smaller; we do also carry Lariats that will hold 50+ beads. 


Q: Do you ship to the UK, Australia, or the North Pole?

 A: YES! we ship worldwide. We have shipped our products all over the world! And yes, we have even shipped to our beads and bracelets to  North Pole, Alaska!


Q: Do you get one bead or two when you order? Your images show two in the picture.

A: Each bead is sold separately (One bead). We show two in a few pictures to show the beads from different angles.

Q: Do you beads fit on pandora bracelets?

A: Yes! Our beads fit all European name brand bracelets such as Pandora, Pugster, and Troll.

How to care for and maintain your NICU Journey Beads and Bracelet

Our charms and bracelets are handmade by metal smithing. To keep the cost reasonable while still offering a quality product, some of our charms are pewter (a zinc alloy of copper and lead free nickel mixed with silver) and then stratified with 925 silver. Our journey beads are made of lampwork glass which are hand blown and hand painted. They are finished with a high quality white copper single grommet core. 

All of our bracelets and necklaces are made from hypo-allergenic high quality surgical grade stainless steel. Nickel, lead, and cadmium-free. Beautiful platinum patina is the natural color of this steel and will never wear off, tarnish, or turn colors. STRONG STEEL keeps your beads and charms safe. Does not require regular polishing like 925 sterling silver.

The NICU Journey Bead Collection is a more affordable way to show off and showcase your baby's story with a similar look to more expensive lines that may be unreachable on a tight budget.

We recommend that you remove your Journey jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical or strenuous activity. We suggest that you do not bathe or expose the beads and bracelet to water for long periods of time because the elements in water may cause the surfaces to become dull, oxidize, or wear down. Please note that tarnishing of the jewelry may happen if it comes in contact with agents such as perfume, salty air, sulfur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine and acidic skin ph. We suggest that you limit the exposure to these agents to keep your beads and bracelets in the best condition possible.

NICU journey beads and bracelets must be carefully handled and cleaned regularly to maintain their beautiful appearance and ensure their longevity. All of the beads and charms should be polished and cleaned on a regular basis to keep highlights and casting. Using a jewelry cloth is the very best way to achieve this and will help to sparkle up and avoid a dull surface from forming. You should never expose your new Journey Jewelry to liquid silver cleaner or other harsh chemicals, not even chemicals meant for cleaning jewelry. Jewelry cleaning agents may alter the color and damage the surfaces, the jewels, and castings.

When jewelry is not worn, it should be stored separately in a clean, dry place, away from heat and bright lights. The best place to keep your Journey Jewelry is in a protective, (lined) airtight box, or a tarnish-resistant pouch. It can also be stored in a plastic zip lock bag made of Mylar or polyethylene. Never use polyvinyl plastic bags, such as garbage bags as they contain sulfur compounds, which will make your Journey Jewelry tarnish faster.  


Q: What is your return/exchange policy?

A: We allow returns and refunds within 30 days of original purchase. Please contact us at customer service to let us know that you are returning or exchange your items. Please also let us know in your return/exchange your order or invoice number for better assistance. There will be no returns past 30 days.
Please send your items, along with its appropriate story card to:

Peekaboo ICU
7900-D Stevens Mill Road, Suite #237,
Matthews, NC, 28104, USA